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Respect is a virtue

When a politician is campaigning for a public Servant’s position, he humbles himself, he listens to people around him, and he strives to understand and practice the cultures and traditions of the people and tries his best to prove that he is the most socially compatible candidate for the position. At this point, the campaign money is used for transportation, security and mobilization of people. Politicians understand well that distributing money to voters is a gamble, but he can bet on his personality and relationships to get his foot in the game. So, a politician is best behaved during campaign season. The truth of his real character only comes to play when he is well settled in his hardly earned position. A politician’s behavior only goes to prove that no wealth, no position and no status quo can earn anyone respect. Without character people tend to reflect to you what you are. A boss who abuses and looks down on his staff because he is more superior does not command any respect despite his heavy salary or authoritative attitude.  Respect is neither bought nor commanded, neither can anyone receive respect just because he is associated with an influential individual. How we treat others and speak to others speaks volumes of who we are. Just as a fool is considered wise in his silence, so is an individual more likely to gain respect by keeping away from situations that can lead to lose talk or exchange of unpleasant or insensible conversations. When children talk back at adults, when colleagues assume each other, when people avoid each other or speak in low tones about each other, then we must ask ourselves the tough questions. ‘Just how do we treat each other? Are we respectful? ‘ The late Maya Angelou once said, ‘People may forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’ This season, remember to be respectful. It is after all a virtue.
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