Can your writing hobby become a livelihood?

I want to self-publish my own book

  1. Finish my script in time
  2. Self-edit my work
  3. Get the right editors, designers and beta readers
  4. Legitimize my book
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I want to become a successful freelance writer

Learn how to successful join the online working community. How to properly communicate with people, understand your niche and how to sell your services online

I would love to know how to get clients online

Get guidance on how to attract clients to your services.
Learn how to set your charges, how to promote yourself online and how to maintain returning clients

After losing my job, I found myself among the 77 percent of unemployed youths in Africa.

The long search for employment was unfruitful, so I decided to do something. As a graduate of Broadcast Journalism and Mass Communication, a talented public speaker and a passionate communicator,I decided to try my hand in digital entrepreneurship. I joined a few online working sites, and to my surprise people from all over the world loved my work. I became their go to writer. I proof read and edited scripts, created content for magazines and blogs, became a ghost writer and translated material from English to Swahili and vise verse. These are all things I have learned from experience. I have learnt the art of converting a writing skill to a business, and now I would love to share those same skills with you. 

Hi, I am Aswani Nabwende. Am a digital entrepreneur, freelance writer and author of â€˜The Budding Tree