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Humans for Humans – The COVID 19 Survival

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID 19 a global pandemic, the majority of us did not give it the seriousness it deserved. The majority of us in this life have never seen a disease so serious that almost all the countries in the world are on lockdowns and curfews. For this reason, the death rate has increased significantly even as fear, panic, and anxiety fills people’s hearts.

For a long time, we have come to identify ourselves as the strongest species, and until these tough times, our strength has never been put to test.

Today, many hospitals are running with minimal resources, medical practitioners are happy to be overworked and governments are pulling together everything to help people by supplying foods, providing disinfectants in public places and educating masses on what needs to be done to keep healthy and safe from the dreaded Corona.

But these times have proven the strength of humanity, and we must be so lucky that all this is happening at a time that technology is advanced and the world is a global village.

We are all united in this, standing together to fight a common threat in the simplest ways we can.

While many people have abandoned their jobs to stay indoors and reduce the spread of COVID 19, risking a stable economy and as a result simpler livelihood, you can tell that we are a people willing to go through the storm, pick up what will be left and carry on from where we will be.

In the United Kingdom (UK), many English men and women stood on their balconies windows and top of their roofs to clap and appreciate the National Health Service for the strenuous work they are doing to control the spread of Corona.

In Italy, where the disease has not only paralyzed operations but also claimed over 10, 000 lives, people have been recorded singing from their balconies to encourage each other and show solidarity towards each other amidst the somberness.

Just the other day in the Emirates, people were observed shouting from their houses to encourage each other and let each other know that they are still there and that things will be fine.

Here in Africa, where the seriousness of the disease is only but sinking in, warning messages have been received from the diaspora of the looming effects of Corona. As a result, people are beginning to see the seriousness of the disease. We are slowly settling into our homes, supporting our medical teams and doing our best to avoid infection.

Being the Africans that we are, we are taking advantage of these times to invent our disinfectants and face masks from our homes, letting the national governments deal with the issues the easiest way they know-how.

All this has fascinated me about our specie, but most importantly am impressed at how we can find strength from each other. I am impressed that even with minimal resources we can encourage each other, support each other and join hands with an assurity that we will overcome this, just as our forefathers had overcome the problems of their times.

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