Why we always ask for comments and subscriptions

I have always asked you to subscribe to my blog, I have never told you how it supports me or how it can be of value to you.
First of, if you do not read or love to read then this is your stop.
If you are teaching yourself to be more of a reader, then great,me too. Let’s do this together and if you love to read, if you are good at it, then I bet you are also good at writing. Stick around, I encourage criticism towards my blog. As I said, I am learning.
Back to the point, how your subscribing and reading supports my blog.
I must mention that my first reason for writing is to grow my skill, I also read. I am learning to read as much as a write. I love to write, its something I picked when i was young, I have dropped it sometime, sometimes I have written privately, but now am blogging, and am taking it a bit too serious.

I try to make my blog a source of information, I have always wanted to write, to inspire someone, to pass out a message and to teach something new, most times its something I am learning myself. I see everything great about learning, its a continuous process in life, personally it has continuously made me a better person.

I know we can grow together, you just need to be part of the family, to teach me as much as I teach you, to entertain me as well, am not the best at it.

I would love to grow my blog. I know that doesn’t benefit you in any way, but if you are reading, you are probably interested in growing as much as I am, and you understand the need to grow.
Also it’s a source of income. Not everyone understands this, and I thought I should explain to you how a blog can be a source of income. Here it goes;

1. AdSense: Its a google application where advertisements are run on the blog, and if the readers view the adverts, then the blogger is paid some commission.It’s never much, and for a beginner blogger it could take years before advertisements make money. Nonetheless its an income.
2. Affiliate marketing: this is where a blogger markets a product from a company through his/her blog  and a commission is paid should a reader buy or use the product through the blog.
3. Collaborations: A blogger collaborates with a brand and reviews their products or services for the readers interest and consideration.

For all this to happen, there has got to be someone reading first, someone who is genuinely interested in what is writen. There has got to be people that are openly conversing with the blog and sharing with other like minded people.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the blogger’s first priority is to write,  write and keep writing, I can confess to you its something we do effortlessly. Let’s call it a strand in the DNA. It doesn’t matter how good or bad we are, we love to write. We write and strive to be good at it.
I hope you understand that for a blogger before it is anything else, it’s passion and interest. Unfortunately for bloggers, they too have to pay bills, and it’s people like you that keep them motivated.
So, the question would be, just how much does this blogger make? Actually it’s nothing.
I am yet to make a single cent from blogging, mainly because I have been concentrating in growing my content. By growing, I mean writing better, learning to open up a bit more and of course growing my readership.

If you have been reading. Then you know that my content is not only entertaining but also informative.As a person with imperfections, I try to maintain some moral standards and if you get to look around this blog, you will realize that as much as I encourage independence, I mostly encourage a high moral standing, especially for women.

Am a creative, you never know what will hit you next time you read my blog, but I assure you, you will learn something from it.

I hope this answers your questions and encourage interested readers to support writers. So next time you see something interesting,not just on my blog but on many others out there, share it with your friend. Leave a comment and subscribe for future updates. If not for anything to let a blogger know that you are there and you care.


Happy New Year – Time for Resolutions

For the past few years, I have been chocking up when the clock strikes midnight on that last day of the year. I find myself fighting tears, I guess they are usually tears of joy for another chance to transition into a new year. I think subconsciously my spirit recognizes that a new year is more life to me. It’s similar to another second, another minute, another hour, another day, another month. It’s another chance to live, and I get this emotions because as I get older, life in itself becomes more meaningful and purposeful. I really hope you can relate to this feeling, otherwise I will sound nuts thinking and writing of this.

Happy New Year. I hope you are as excited and as hopeful as I am for this year. My last few posts of what is now last year, left a lot of clues about what I will be doing this year. I am still figuring things out a step at a time, but even as I do, I am sure that I am going to be intentional about the things I say and do. As I told you few posts ago, I am also going to be personal in my posts and will try my best to be relatable to you. Though I must admit that I do not intend to lose myself while doing this. So I hope when am awkward and weird and you cannot find anything to relate with, you will embrace and encourage my uniqueness.

Just like you, I have been given another chance at life. To me, this translates to among other things a chance at growth. I am looking forward to grow my mind, my spirit, my relationships and my writings. It is of importance to me to also grow other people because really, what’s wealth if not service to humanity? If you cross my path, I will be intentional about our interaction. I will be impactful in one way or the other. I will share my little growing knowledge and make you laugh despite the fact that I am not that funny.

But if I fail to, if I do not achieve that which I have spoken about or any other of my personal goals this year, I hope you to understand that am just but human. Then I want you to remind me to get up and try again until when I get to where my purpose leads me.

I want you to impact me, to teach and grow me. I want to think of you and grow because you have left me something to learn and meditate on. I want us to grow together, I want our words to intrigue each other and call us to action.

So once again, welcome to Jshare chapter 2019. If you are part of the family, thank you for being here, I hope we continue to know each other more through these words. If you have just found me, please join the family, sometimes I can be intriguing, sometimes I just learn from people like you.

Let me know in the comment section below what your plans are for 2019. Let us share in the pick and pits of 2018.

Happy New Year to you, let us make this round a worthwhile one.


My reflections of the ending year

It’s just a few hours before we cross over to the new year. I can’t help but be thankful for this year. Also I am thankful for the ending festivities, the rest was worth it. I spent time with my family and some of my friends, damn you money, I wouldn’t have discriminated who to visit if I had enough of you.

I found time to sleep on my sofa in pajamas, wrapped up in the old maasai kikoi all day. There were no kids outside shouting at the top of their lungs, neighbours were not drugging their slippers as they went down the stairs, it was quiet, and I just lay on my sofa watching everything on Television. I mean it, everything; including a Bollywood movie about a toilet. Strangely in this movie, a toilet stood in the way of love. That is just how restful my holiday has been.

Back to the point, I am happy for the holidays, but am happy to also cross over to the new year. Thank God for this last day of the year.

Today reminds me of a day like today 2017. I hadn’t bought a diary, so I wrote my resolutions on a tiny notebook.

Some of them have come to pass, some just breezed through me and others I could easily forget.

One of the things I feel stood out for me this year is the power of good men. I know we are all made from the same clothe, but I feel there is a special breed of men specially cut with extra strength. Strength to set aside their own pain and grieve to worry and care for the grieve of their wives, those are not ordinary men. To die a bit in the inside for the sake of your woman is no easy task. We must appreciate them.

I must also appreciate women who are strongly conflicted to quit their career jobs or opt for less committing jobs in favour of their growing families. Women who want to see a healthy wholesome husband leave the house every morning and to raise her children presently, those women have also stood out for me this year.

The third persons that stood out for me are those that relocated to different countries and different cities. It must be difficult to start over,in a strange land with strange people of unfamiliar cultures.

Then there are those that transformed their mindsets. Started chasing their dreams, going for things they believe in. Shaking the trees till the fruits drop. Those ones challenge me, they caused me to think, they caused me to change.

All this people have built me, I feel that I have grown in 2018, and I am not just speaking about the physical growth. My perspective has changed, my priorities have changed and my life has been somewhat transformed.

I am ready to cross over, I am ready to write new resolutions, carry over some old ones and roll up my sleeve to do another round of life. Happy new year my good readers, I pray we all meet on the other side of 2019.I pray we are all ready for another round, and I pray we all make the ride worthwhile.


It’s time to start soaring

It’s that time of the year when everyone is making vision boards and resolutions in anticipation of 2019. I have joined the bandwagon, I will tell you all about it on my next post.

I know it seems cliche’ to speak of your dreams and desires, worse off to openly talk about them and expect them to come to pass. The wise have in the past stated that we should work hard in silence and let the success make the noise. I speak outrightly despite this, knowing that there is power in proclaiming things to yourself. Somehow the universe works in your favour when you do. I know this for sure because so many times I have written things down and when I went back to look at them, I found that somehow I had achieved them. I had subconsciously registered them in my mind, and I had worked my way to achieving what I wanted.

Having said that, I will be writing down my dreams and desires for 2019, and I will share some of them with you. But before I do that, I have to reflect on the things that I want for my self. Things that I prayed for and which have manifested already, things that I still pray for and things that I would love to change.

One of the things that has recently been ringing in my mind is self worth. Understanding that the only way I can be good for others is to be good for myself. To love myself extra and to place myself before anyone else.

I don’t know if you struggle with this, but I do, and I plan to be intentional about it come next year. Actually I am becoming intentional effective immediately.

How many times have you placed others before yourself? How many times have you lost your inner strength, your focus and your purpose because you are giving yourself to others more than you should? Minding what they think, wanting to impress them and ‘sit well’ with them.

I am learning to ask myself these questions, I am learning to be intentional about pushing for things that I want and desire. I am learning to be my own cheer leader, because severally I have fallen victim of totally forgetting about myself and putting others before me.

Finally I find the strength to be shameless of my weakness. I finally realize that we all at some point give ourselves to others, making the mistake of sacrificing our freedom of mind to tolerate and embrace the ideologies of others.

I have forgotten to make my own footprint, I have forgotten to dream on my own. I have become sad and unforgiving to myself. I have chained myself, becoming dependent on the thoughts of others because I am afraid of what others will do to me or think of me.

I write this because I want you to know I have rediscovered my worth. My dreams scare me but not as much as they can intimidate the people I desperately want to please.

I have learnt to seal the corners of my eyes so that I am able to focus straight to the things that make more sense to me without the influence of my environment. I am learning to focus on things that I want to die trying, things that give me peace and a sense of purpose.

I have discovered how difficult it can be to chase after a dream when you are surrounded by people who pull you back, by pointing out your weaknesses instead of your strengths, your disadvantages instead of advantages. People who are intimidated by your potential.

It is time to find my freedom, know my worth and chase my dreams. It is time to start soaring. I hope you too will be soaring come 2019


Merry Christmas

It’s finally Christmas. Yesterday I got chicken, we are about to make a feast out of it. I will marinate it with everything I have researched on, my potatoes are ready to roast and my dough is ready for a roll.

We will be meeting our family after church. Church is a must. Between merry making, meeting up, travelling and exchanging gifts, I really believe that the church should be the most filled place. Christmas is meant to be Christ’s birthday, at list a symbol of it. I strongly believe that this is a season of giving thanks, a season of reflection.

Do you ever imagine a virgin girl announcing that she is pregnant, worse off announcing this pregnancy to a fiance that is waiting for the wedding night? Do you imagine explaining to your husband to be that your child was sired by the Holy Spirit? That would really shake someone’s faith I would imagine. I would go nuts if she went ahead to say that her unborn child would save the world, then I would collapse if a spirit in human form appeared to me to confirm this. I think those were strange times to live in.

Then here comes the real test, when your son remains in the temple then declares to you that he was actually in his father’s house, and that he knows he would die a gruesome death on the cross. Die to save everyone in the world, yet on the day of his birth, you could not find a descent place for your wife to deliver. Do you imagine raising a son of the heavens? The pressure. Those, I tell you are days I would wish to watch reoccur.

Those were strange times, times that have created Christmas for us today. Which explains why I think it’s all a time for thanksgiving and reflection.

Having said that, I’ve got to place my chicken on the stove, there is a little girl who will be celebrating her first Christmas, I’ve got to shop for her perfect gift. I’ve got to straighten my clothes and get ready for a dance.

It’s Christmas, and I hope you have as much time to reflect and give thanks as you will have fun and make merry.

Merry Christmas good people.


Gratitude – (5) things I am grateful for

I don’t know if I am the only adult that gets excited over Christmas. It must be because many people are available in this season. People that I haven’t seen in ages. Do you also splurge during Christmas? I do this all through the season. It’s my way of letting people around me know that I have been thinking of them.

I always look forward to spend some time off with friends and family. It is something I am grateful for. Speaking of gratitude, here are the top five things that I am grateful for this ending year. I thought I should tell you before it gets Christmas serious.

  1. Good health

I must admit 2017 was a tough year for me both mentally and physically. I am happy to celebrate good health this Christmas, I didn’t celebrate much last year. I had just been discharged from hospital and wasn’t the best of myself. Easy to forget how life can easily slip from us. I am happy to be healthy and live my best life yet.

  1. Purpose

Very few people understand what they were meant to be doing here on earth. Joining that statistic in itself gives me so much fulfillment. For a long time I have struggled to understand my purpose, to learn what gives my heart joy and fulfillment. I feel grateful because just recently, I have started feeling like I am walking in the right direction. It has cost me time, career and money. No regrets though, because I feel I needed all the experience to understand what purpose feels like.

At this point, I have begun to understand how everything aligns itself and how life in itself is a full circle, everything is connected in each life. I feel good about myself, and I continue to pray that in the year to come I will continue to learn and unlearn myself.

  1. Failures

It’s difficult to appreciate your failures, sometimes I think this sense only makes sense in my mind.

But failures have taught me who I am and have revealed to me how strong I can become. It has opened my eyes to my displaced priorities and helped me sieve out the things that matter from those that are just passing.

  1. Life

Life has been in abundant. I wouldn’t be writing here if it hadn’t. Am sure it has been to all of us, and sometime we just take that for granted. I am grateful for life, for my life, that of my friends and of my family members. This is too valuable to ignore, I am grateful for every minute I’ve got.

  1. Growth

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, then I know you will agree that in the last few months, things have been changing to the better. I am happy to grow a career out of it. I am grateful for this platform, from the people behind the scenes who continue to contribute to my growth to the people who are reading, liking, sharing and making remarks. I am enjoying seeing my ideas evolve, my readership grow and my blog develop. I sure am not taking this for granted, I am grateful.

I hope you can relate with the top five things I am grateful for this year. Let me know what resonates with you, and what you are grateful for. Finally, Let’s all be grateful for Christmas, I know not all of us are Christians, but I am and I must say that sometimes I wonder what the world would have been like had Jesus not have been born when he was.


A shortcut through the suburbs

I took a shortcut through the suburbs to get to my home on the other side of town (to the middle class estates and apartments)

I like to think am a middle class citizen, but living in a third world country, it is difficult to tell . status quo is rated differently here, I could be among the lower class all factors considered.

Things are different here, the upper class, the ones that leave in the suburbs, suburbs like the one I went through while heading to my house, are those that have permanent residence. They have leaved in one spot for years and not because they have wonderful landlords but because they own their homes. They have some money saved up, money that can survive them for at list six months should anything happen. Easy to wonder what could possibly happen to a person owning their house let alone a compound with a trampoline and a pool in place of chicken and pigs or Sukuma wiki and maize plant for fence.

Then there is the middle class, which is where I like to assume I belong. We survive by the day, but bottom line is we survive. We like to give the impression that we are well off, our loaned vehicles and destination vacations proves this. We work and leave in the moment, most times we are able to pay rent on time, but there are days that we have to borrow to keep up. Our saving habits are horrible, in fact should I leave my job today, the next month would be a miracle to have. Our faith works regardless, because every day takes care of itself. We are the lot that only goes to shags in December and return so broke for January. We are always moving houses and keeping up with trends.

Then there is the lower class. I feel like this lot might be happier than the middle class. They do not feel the pressure to keep up or compete, they just want to survive. Employment is not a guarantee for these guys on a daily, but somehow they pull through each day. It could be one meal in a day and sometime no meal at all but they pull through with the strongest mind. They will do anything and everything to pull through the day

To each their own;

The suburbs made me think and realize the life that I am in, the opportunities I am presented with and the habits that I must promote to be better economically.

One of the lessons that I will be taking away from this year (now that its almost end of the year) is that the wealthy are just not wealthy because they leave in huge houses and drive gazlers, its because they have invested right. Even when they lack liquid cash in their accounts, they have placed their hard earned assets strategically and if it were not for life in itself, they are sure of their future. Its no wonder that they have no need to know or meddle in their neighbour’s affairs.

I have also learned that the poor are not necessarily the uneducated, maybe they lack opportunities, or is it the know how.

These are the lessons I was randomly thinking about on my shortcut through the suburbs. Share with me the things you have observed that have taught you from your environment. I would love to hear the lessons you are taking away from 2018.


Holiday Quick Fix

The only visitors who show up unannounced are family. Siblings to be precise, because parents are always worried about protocols and traditions. My siblings love to visit on short notice, ‘we were in the neighbourhood and had to check on you.’ I too enjoy this visits, they are always full of laughter and reminiscences. I wasn’t really in the mood to swim in the kitchen hit when they visited this past weekend, so I had to be creative, which led me to this post, which explains why again in less than a week I have been late in putting up a post. Not that I will make a habit out of it.

I wanted to fix them something simple and fun, so that we could all eat together in an informal setting watching movies and bonding. Sandwiches were an option, but both my brothers are active sports men, and a sandwich would have been like dipping a single flake in milk.

I had just watched how to fix some vegetable salads online ahead of the festive season, but I admit that salads don’t work for guests here in Africa, not even for the host.

I settled for home made buggers, hum buggers and some sausages which I just dip fried. I also made some home made dip from a blend of tomatoes, onions, red bell paper and guacamole and freshly blended mangoe juice to go with.

I don’t think you will understand this better than this.

some slice and dice in the kitchen

This was the final results

we had to sum it up with some sweet bananas

My guests ate to their fill, and we had enough bonding time. I am learning more quick fix recipe for this holidays, we love to host, and I love to be ready. What will you be eating this festive season?

Things that matter

Respect is a virtue

When a politician is campaigning for a public Servant’s position, he humbles himself, he listens to people around him, and he strives to understand and practice the cultures and traditions of the people and tries his best to prove that he is the most socially compatible candidate for the position. At this point, the campaign money is used for transportation, security and mobilization of people. Politicians understand well that distributing money to voters is a gamble, but he can bet on his personality and relationships to get his foot in the game. So, a politician is best behaved during campaign season. The truth of his real character only comes to play when he is well settled in his hardly earned position. A politician’s behavior only goes to prove that no wealth, no position and no status quo can earn anyone respect. Without character people tend to reflect to you what you are. A boss who abuses and looks down on his staff because he is more superior does not command any respect despite his heavy salary or authoritative attitude.  Respect is neither bought nor commanded, neither can anyone receive respect just because he is associated with an influential individual. How we treat others and speak to others speaks volumes of who we are. Just as a fool is considered wise in his silence, so is an individual more likely to gain respect by keeping away from situations that can lead to lose talk or exchange of unpleasant or insensible conversations. When children talk back at adults, when colleagues assume each other, when people avoid each other or speak in low tones about each other, then we must ask ourselves the tough questions. ‘Just how do we treat each other? Are we respectful? ‘ The late Maya Angelou once said, ‘People may forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel’ This season, remember to be respectful. It is after all a virtue.

It’s Christmas Already – Holiday Etiquette

I get excited for Christmas holidays, I love the rest and the travels. I am more excited to meet people, old people and new people. Its people that reveal to you who you truly are, just by noticing how you behave around them, how you react to their behaviors and misbehavior. You find out your true character.

Speaking of behavior, let’s address it before we get deep into the festivities. Behave yourself when you visit others, be courteous when you go out with friends and be a wonderful host when you are visited.

When you visit others, it’s respectful to watch where you seat. Notice the host’s body language, know your place. Whether it’s your brother’s house or your colleague’s condo, do not lounge yourself in anyone’s space before you are invited to. Also remember to practice their cultures, you know what they say, when in Rome.

If you are offered coffee and you love tea, be contented with what you are offered. Understand that your host may not have your taste. You will have tea in your own house, do not go about stressing your host about your likes and dislikes. You must understand it is not your home, you mustn’t be comfortable enough to make the host uncomfortable. You may be close with your host, but do not overstep into their personal space, you will still need these relationships when the festivity is over.

When you go out with your friends, do not embarrass them by dressing skimpily. You must learn your environment in advance and dress appropriately. Do not take the opportunity to over indulge, everyone came together to have a good time and not to worry or baby seat each other. Contribute in paying the bills, unless someone offered to pay for everyone else. Be considerate of others, do not be the parasite, your friends will find ways to avoid you. Remember January will come to us all.

If you are hosting your friends, be considerate in your preparations. If children will tag along, make your environment child friendly for them. Take care of the diabetic and the allergic among your friends. Stock your bathroom with enough toilet rolls and ensure that your guests are generally comfortable. Prepare the guest room for that one guest who will always misbehave and need some timeout without interfering with the comfort of the others.

Generally do not gallop on food, no matter how sweet it is. Let everyone have their share, the source may dry out and others may miss food just because of your over eating. If you are that hungry eat your ugali earlier before you meet up with others or carry a snack in your bag. But whatever you do, have some decorum.

Enjoy each other’s company. It’s not an exhibition season so restrain from showing off, take in some quality.

Let’s all be courteous, considerate and respectful this season. Let’s do to others what we would want them to do to us. Having said that, let the holidays begin.

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