10 things a grown woman must have

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10 things a grown woman must have

Throughout my blogging journey, I have shared with you my evolving thoughts, imaginations, and realities of my becoming a woman.

I know since the rebirth of writersfantasy.com from Jshare.co.ke it seems like I have given my womanhood a back seat, I haven’t. Writers fantasy at this stage represents a grown woman, a woman who; if you go back to my 2014 articles and compare to the ones you read now, you will notice she has evolved and she is becoming, dare I say like The Budding Tree?

Writers Fantasy represents a businesswoman, a woman who needs to give back to the
society what the society has given to her. Which is life experience and
professionalism, but within this growth, I know that there are things a grown
woman must own, well, it couldn’t be everything, but I find this to be
essential, at list for me.

  1. Pen and notebook

These things seem simple; in fact, they are easy to forget. A grown woman, I feel, needs to always have a pen and notebook to jot down their thoughts, write down things they need to remember for future reference and diarize their activities. Ladies who carry and use pens and notebooks are more organized, they get things done and know just how far to go and when to stop.

2. A plan and its plan B

Now that we have spoken of pens and notebooks, it’s inevitable that we speak about having a plan. A proper woman must see their tomorrow and must work towards it, but even as you work towards your tomorrow, you must understand that the universe has a mind of its own. So do have a plan B in place. It will set your mind up in case of any disappointments, and it will help you pick up as soon as possible and move on with life.  

3. A tight-knit circle of friends

Each person needs to have friends in this world – birds of the same feather. Friends have a way of keeping you balanced and in check. I have this particular friend who has helped me through some really tough times, they ground me by sharing their wisdom and challenge me by making sure that am operating at my optimum. You don’t need to have a million friends; in fact, I think it’s impossible to have many close friends. A wise man once said that to know your average income, look at what your friends make. A grown woman must surround herself with people that improve her emotionally, socially and financially.

4. A little black dress

Let’s get real here; part of being a grown woman includes meeting people, most times even potential future partners. Even though we dress for ourselves, a little black dress in the closet means you have something that fits all occasions and makes you feel feminine for a date, a dinner party, a walk with a special someone or a quiet evening at a restaurant

5. A good suit

Whether you own your business or you are employed, a good suit is a statement on its own. It might cost you an arm and a leg, but I advocate that you own one good suit. You may have to meet with some prominent people, go to an interview or make a presentation that will gain you substantial amounts of money. Either way, you will need to make a statement.

6. A stable source of income

This is another thing that our society seems to exempt us from, but as experience has taught me, it’s easier to have control of your life when you have your source of income. Easier to make investments, secure your future and get a seat in decision making whether in your own home or the society. Have your own money; work for it, your quality of life will be better.

7. A savings account

I cannot insist enough about how much life can surprise you. It could be an economic crunch, a disease or a home emergency. Any grown woman needs to be prepared for the unknown by saving up some money.

8. Insurance cover

We all know how expensive health care has become, this is a global concern that almost all countries are struggling with. Make sure you see the doctor when you need to by having a good health insurance plan. As women, many things happen to our bodies; do I need to spell them out? Make sure you can afford a good gynecologist, Physician, and General Practitioner. In the same way, make sure that you take care of any in eventualities on the road by having vehicle insurance and a retirement plan.

9. A zen space

After a long day, a tough season, a breakup or just a simple exhaustion, every grown woman must have a space where they can find their peace. This could be in the comfort of their home, a tiny garden or a place out of town. Either way, we need a place where we can reset and start over.

10. A vacation of your own

After all the hustle and bustle of being a woman, I think we can agree that a vacation, after a zen space is becoming a necessity. It is said that change is as good as a rest. So it’s important to change the environment and rest your mind while exploring the world.

I haven’t achieved everything on this list, but every day I am convinced that
these are essential things that I must have, and sure enough, I am working to
ensure that I am wholesome and fulfilled. Tell me, are there things you find
essential that I haven’t mentioned? Let’s have this conversation in the comment
section below.

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