The freelance writing engineer


The freelance writing engineer

Meeting Laura was a mere coincidence. I was on YouTube looking for some form of entertainment when I bumped into Laura’s studio apartment tour video. It was a tiny space, but it was tastefully put together. So tasteful that I went through her profile and watched some more of her videos.

This was the beginning of our online friendship. Online friendships are very common for people who work on the web, we spend the majority of our time on our computers, so it’s only inevitable. 

Our online friendship was fueled by our similarities; we are both freelance workers, we run our own businesses, mostly online and often offline. We have exchanged notes and bounced ideas off of each other.

I recently asked Laura if I could interview her for this segment of my blog. I am sure you wonder if I know other freelance writers in person, am sure you wonder what our lives are like. Well, today, through Laura’s eyes I would like to introduce you to a freelance workers world.

Her name is Laura Wendy; her specialty is blogging and freelance writing. Laura runs her own website which she explains is geared towards helping creative entrepreneurs build their dream business. She provides her writing services to various companies and individuals from all around the globe while at the same time she runs an online shop.

But to get here, Laura explains that she had to put in the work. Like any other person, she was afraid that her income may not be able to sustain her livelihood, that is until she learned the reliability of online working. You see, when you work with strangers, they want to maintain a good impression, they ensure that payments are done in good time, and Laura learned how to manage and save money to have a wholesome life.

Laura is a mechanical engineer by profession; however, she expresses her joy in the freedom of freelance working. ‘Job security is the ninja benefit of working online’, Laura writes. ‘My favorite part of the freelance life is having to spend a certain amount of time writing, and a certain amount of time doing my other stuff like catching up with friends, going out and engaging with family’.

The flexibility of choosing your own working hours is the other advantage that has caused Laura to prefer online work as a full-time source of income.

Her day starts anytime between 5:30 a.m and 8 am, no alarm clocks necessary, if she worked late, then she wakes up late, but if she was done early she is also early in the morning. Her body rests fully. Laura feels that she has achieved a comfortable work to life balance. She has found her fulfillment in a rarely explored field.

Her daily routine comprises of responding to emails from clients and potential clients. She submits pending work, publishes content on her website and her YouTube channel, edits and writes some more.

Self-employment allows Laura to take brakes every two hours. Laura explains that writing has expounded her thinking; she has become widely knowledgeable about current affairs and different professions thanks to the amount of reading and research she has to put into her work.

She explains that her biggest challenge has been missing networking opportunities. ‘Being unable to interact with your colleagues can make one feel isolated and lonely’. She explains.

Laura is our second cool girl in this series, she has proven that with the low rate of employment in our world today, it is possible to start and maintain a good business and thus a descent livelihood.

  • Esther Kinyua

    This one was mind opening.

    1. Aswani Nabwende

      Very true, mind opening it is

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