Can you work online without membership sites?


Can you work online without membership sites?

How easy it is to work online away from websites or freelance agency sites.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, the role of this sites is to bring workers and clients together. They ensure that money is paid into a workers account and act as a mediator whenever there is dispute.

Working sites are important, especially for beginners who are learning the ropes of working independently.

There are as many corn men online as there are genuine business men.  Online sites just ensure that your money is where it needs to be.

However, grown freelance workers often choose to work away from the working sites. Many have created their own spaces where they can directly talk with their clients and exchange money without a third party.

Reasons behind this move include:

  1. Personalized relationship with clients

There is a sense of community and friendship when you are talking with a client without any limitation. Don’t get me wrong, professionalism and working ethics are still important, but there is a bond that is formed with clients that you communicate with without limitation.

2. Reduce the cost of transaction

The more the money moves from one person to another, the more deductions are made in terms of transaction fee.  A lot of money is wasted in the process of moving money; this can be avoided if money is moved directly to the service provider

3. Marketing your services

Working with clients away from working sites makes it easier to receive recommendations and testimonials from the client. If you have a website, it is easier for potential clients to look you up and see who you have worked with, what you did for them and how they feel about your services. Trust me, if you do your work well, this will bring more clients your way.

4. Branching out

There is no limitation while working away from working sites. You could venture into other interests and make it work for you.

5. Free negotiating terms

With the availability of payoneer and paypal, it is possible to come up with proper payment arrangements without risking loss of money. This can be upfront payment or a deposit before a service is delivered. Whatever you chose, trust is what will move your off-working-site gigs.

If you chose to go this route, you must invest and understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Use key words to attract new leads to your site. You must have a strategy of making your site work for you.

I would love to hear from you, have you worked away from the renowned working sites? How is it working for you?

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