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   When you are looking to hire a staff, either for your household or your office, you run to a job placement agent who vets and presents viable candidates to you. In the same way, if anyone was looking for a
job or had an issue with their employer, they would run to their job placement
agent to look for another job or bargain for new deals for themselves.

This is what working sites are to freelance writers, they are the middle man, the one who ensures that the client gets worth for their money and the worker gets paid. The role of a working site is to connect the
online worker and the client, but further than that, these working sites also
ensure that when a client places a job advertisement for its members, the
client has money to pay the member that they chose to work with. They ensure that the member gets paid and
that the job gets delivered to the client the way the client wants it.

The working site benefits by cutting out a fraction of the payment as a token for its services. It sounds fair, after all, they connect you with the client and ensure that the client does pay at the end of a good
business deal.

There are many working sites on the internet where you can join at no cost and start bidding for jobs and working for money.

Some of the things you need to consider while choosing a working site are your country of residence, the financial institutions in your country and your kind of professional expertise. The reason you need to consider these factors is that some sites work better with regions, based on the type of clients it attracts. Although many of these sites will have PayPal as a means of transaction, other sites will promote overseas banks and financial institutions making it difficult for other workers to transact their money or costing workers an expensive transaction fee. Some sites will promote only specific professions, for example, some sites encourage only Philippine workers who have the qualifications of Personal assistants, secretaries and cooperate aids online. This could be to protect their professional interest or the interest of the people of a specific region.

Having said that, here are 5 working sites that I would recommend for you.

  1. Kenyawriters.com

Now I have to admit, I am being biased starting with a local working site, mainly because I know better working sites, but I have to support my own, (being patriotic and all). This site does a lot to measure up to international standards. What stands out for me in this
site is the mentorship program, it’s not just a site for expert writers, but even the ones who are starting up can be trained within their systems to become better and to grow themselves. It is an easy site to join, but because of all the vetting and levels, it will take you a while to get to a point where you are making enough money to sustain yourself. Don’t get it twisted, it is not easy anywhere, you have to put in the work

 2. Freelancer.com

This working site has been there for a while, which means that the competition is very high to get jobs. It was difficult for me to join the site 10 years ago when I was still young and
learning, maybe the policies were different then because when I tried to join this time around, it was easy peasy. I don’t like that this site will send to your email a handful of notifications about jobs that you qualify for and which you can apply for. Freelancer is so competitive that you have to consistently keep sending proposals to get a job. In my experience clients will never get back to you unless you have qualified for the job. The majority of its people are of Asian origin, both the workers and the clients. This might explain why it takes forever to be noticed, but that’s just my assumption.

 3. Guru.com

Like freelancer, Guru has many people of Asian origin. It is very easy to join and based on your qualifications, it is very easy to identify clients that might need your services. It is also very easy to communicate with these clients if you write your proposal right and impress the clients; it’s easy to get a job. Guru will tell you how often a person posts their jobs, and if they pay their workers and how much they have paid so far. My favorite feature about Guru is how it allows its members to promote their businesses, for example, I can direct my potential
clients to my website by sharing a link, which is not acceptable in some other sites. I do not like that clients have the room to take advantage of workers, the policies of the site do not completely protect its members. Clients can reach you outside of Guru and if you are not careful you could be coned out of your hard-earned cash.

 4. Upwork.com

I will be honest here; this has got to be my favorite of them all. Maybe it is because of how difficult it is to join this up. I mean I am fairly qualified to work for this site but it has
taken ages for them to approve my membership. I had to put my best foot forward
when it came to making an application to join, there are a few tests you have to take, and then you have to wait. I have never been approved despite the number of times I have resubmitted my application, but that’s just what I like about them, I feel like they have the most qualified members. I have learned from fellow freelance workers that Upwork works like Guru. It has a more diverse people, very professional people. The competition to bid and get selected for a job is high, but competition is good, makes you up your game and
become better in your skills. When I eventually have a first-hand experience
with this, I promise I will update you if my feelings change about this site.

 5. Fiverr.com

Like Kenyan writers, I may be biased on how I speak about Fiverr. I have been a member since July last year. Since then, I have met many people, many have turned to be my clients, some we have long terms arrangements and others have become my friends. There are a few things that might not work for you on Fiverr if you are inpatient. The first is
that the clients hardly post their jobs for you to find and apply, it works the other way. You perfect your resume; you write your profile and then trust that you are good enough to be noticed by potential clients. It’s a waiting game. It took me two months to get my first client on Fiverr, but once I got his reviews, others kept coming and it’s been great since.

Anyone can join Fiverr, as the name suggests the list amount you can charge a client for a job is 5 USD, however depending on your qualification, profession, and area of expertise, good money can be made in Fiverr, ask me, I have been there for a while.

You got to understand though, that joining these sites does not guarantee you a job immediately, you have to be good at your job, you have to communicate right and pass the right energy to your clients, you have to put in the work if you want to succeed as a freelance worker. I think I have said enough for today, let me know what you think about

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