5 simple ways to become creative


5 simple ways to become creative

I must mention that I feel some level of confidence to speak about creativity, I have a stuck of certificates and awards on my mama’s wall that convince me that I must have something worth mentioning. For the majority part of my life I have composed, recited and worn poetry competitions. As I get older, I have learnt to explore more of my creativity. I have written shot skits for my church and recently I can proudly say that I have published a book. I know, I know, I have rubbed my book on your face a bit too much. Please understand that I am still very excited for my latest achievement.

While am still bragging about this satisfying but moneyless venture, let me also mention that creativity is not a one man show. It can’t be; you have to be exposed to the right environment, given the right motivation, gone through some pressure that will cause you to conform and have the curiosity that will cause you to become creative. So I must shout out to my folks, they gave me a pen and a paper, and life experience that made me conform.

 I must also mention that being creative does not really mean being accurate. Spelling errors and poor sentence construction does not rob you of your creativity. It does make me look shallow sometime, but it has never taken away from my creativity. 

Can you create a situation in your head and deliver it so well to an audience that it looks real? Can you shut your eyes and transport yourself to another body, another world, another time or another nation? Then clearly portray what you see in that world either through art, narrative, music or poetry? Now that is how you know your level of creativity.

Okay, let’s get to it, here is my 5 takes on becoming creative;

  1. Read
Schoolchildren at Nkasaulo Primary School in Machinga District of Malawi, read their textbooks. The Machinga District is one of several that are benefitting from a program that ensures textbook delivery.
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The more you read the more you learn. It’s like a game of chase, it expands your mind, causes you to reason and think out of the box. If you can think out of the box you can become creative, it’s a silent but very obvious rule. So trust the process of reading, I promise you it will open your imagination in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

2. Watch movies

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Not everyone is a book warm, actually majority of us are more of movie watchers than we are readers. Movies have a way of intriguing your creativity, cause you to think. Do you wonder why kids are usually afraid to sleep at night after watching a horror movie? Have you seen them act out or imitate what they have watched? Creativity works in the same way. It can cause you to question scenes, to imagine better situations. Then boom, just like that you become creative.

3. Practice

Tell a story, paint a picture or recite a poem. Do something to practice on your creativity. You will be far from perfect, but you will have taken a step and you will be moving. Consistency will become experience; it is experience that makes the gurus. So do practice, it does after all make perfect.

4. Tell stories

You don’t necessarily have to seat round a born fire and tell a story. Just break the ice in a matatu, talk to others, tell those stories. As I said in my previous point, it does make perfect.

5. Travel and seek new adventures

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The more experience you have, the more stories you can tell. So do seek for adventures, visit new places and meet new people. You will learn new things, you will have a story to tell in whatever form you choose.

The secret is out, it could be an in born skill, but it can also be acquired. So go yee and become creative

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