5 Blogs & Bloggers That Will Teach You Something


5 Blogs & Bloggers That Will Teach You Something

In the recent past, while working on my first book, my book editor made a comment that implied that I do not read enough. In my You Tube channel, I have delved more in to it, explaining what he meant by that and how I feel about it. In a world where books have become too weighty to be carried around and e books do not look as appealing as the real solid piece, majority of us are taking to bloggers.

Any form of reading is reading, right? Don’t I just love how short blog pieces can be, yet still packed with knowledge, wisdom and entertainment? Never once have I read a wonderful creative blog and felt that I was missing something, it’s like having a meal, you can’t be staffed and still ask for a mash of potatoes. Everything is well thought out, well explained and thoroughly entertaining. Re reading a piece teaches something new each time, the level of creativity is just extra ordinary.

Which is why I feel so intimidated to even write about this blogs, what if this experienced creative writers read this article? Will they print it out and with a red pen, mark my words and find enough mistakes? Will they find fault in my creativity or is it simply not in their league?

This is a world of entertainment, I have been more than entertained, majority of the times I have also been inspired.  To be honest my list of blogs that teach me something might be biased. Because as a writer, (it’s still intimidating to lay claim on an author’s title) how do you compare people’s form of expression? Everyone is right to think, feel and write what’s in their mind. Second, in a world where everyone is entitled to their opinion, who am I trying to face them against each other?    

I dare write, that there are creative spaces that intrigue me, that is my own opinion, and because they do, am feeling entitled to speak about them.  

Papa Were

 I swear he was here just now, how to disappear in a matter of days and leave no trace on the internet is something that bits my mind. But Papa Were has plaid one on me. I was introduced to this blog not long ago, ‘congratulations on your first book, you should seek papa were for mentorship’. 

Image from Papa Were Facebook page

Of course I looked him up, and was glued to his writing style. He is the kind of writer that gave you the feel that he is educated, he is elite and creative. He merged those two too well to keep you glued to the blog.  Reading Papa Were made me feel like I was home, seated under a mango tree sipping my turungi and sweet potatoes while swimming in words. It’s unfortunate his blog just disappeared. So now I cannot prove that I learnt something from him. I pray he finds his way back.

The Magunga

I love the Magunga for one reason, he is inclusive. I love that he is wonderful writer, yet he finds others worth enough to contribute in his space. How he sieves out through many young writers is a mystery only he can solve.

Image from

The stories on Magunga sound like they came from the same brain. I love that he writes so well that we can rely on his blog to be introduced to other writers. I can’t wait to be such an expert one day

Dear Doris

 I was going to start my list with Dear Doris, you know, women supporting women. But I know so well that the blog was written by a man. Yet he represented women so well, fit so well in the shoes of one of us and wrote stories that we tell each other every day in a more captivating manner.

Image from https://mydeardoris.wordpress.com/doris-and-i/

Imagine the level of feminism in this man. So when I stopped receiving notifications from Dear Doris, I went searching about Ian Amunga. Had he fallen off planet earth and went away with his words?  So much to read about this man on google, so much must be keeping him away from Dear Doris, or maybe the books have become better than Doris, may be the paper work at the office is too much. Life must be moving fast, he might have thought, I am busy today, I will write to Doris  tomorrow, and tomorrow came, and he was busy again and days went by. Then months then years and it just seems like yesterday. Maybe he will write to us tomorrow.

Biko Zulu

Like Ian Amunga, I thought Jackson Biko will finally fall off planet blog after publishing his first book     ‘Drunk’ I know for sure that he is a busy man, I have read his stories and interviews in local newspapers. Biko Zulu is still here, entertaining us and telling us stories that we can relate with in such a blunt manner. He says it as it is, he speaks about relatable issues in their right manner, a manner that conservatives like myself will only think about and never speak of.

Image from https://bikozulu.co.ke/

We can call Biko Zulu the king of expression, if he means to say something, he will say it and make sure that while you read it, you understand it for what he is meaning it to be. This explains why like many others, I love Biko Zulu.

Humans of New York

I know, I know, everyone has spoken about this international blog. I will tell you for sure, I know very little about Brandon Stanton, the owner of the blog. Yet each time I look in his space, I find a new human featured, someone who through their life story, I learn something new.

Image from https://www.humansofnewyork.com/series

Sometimes it’s through very simple words, like ‘Life has got to move on’ or ‘tomorrow will come’ but of the many people featured on this blog, you will always learn a new look on life.

  • Mariam

    Can I do one at a time some of us are just lazy😴

    1. Aswani Nabwende

      you can definitely do one at a time, as long as you read

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