Happy Mother’s Day / The Budding Tree


Happy Mother’s Day / The Budding Tree

Happy mother’s day to all mothers.

Mother’s days reminds me a lot about my childhood. I will tell you for sure I gave my mother some hard times. Sometimes she would cry with me when I threw a tantrum and other times she would be so strict and tough that I thought she didn’t care about me. I remember walking into Uchumi to do some shopping before I went to boarding school. Uchumi was the place to shop then. I remember my mother convincing my father that children in boarding school carry snacks and junk food, it was a necessity that my old man did not understand.

It is my mother that was first to know when I had my first period, it is she that had the grace to give me the birds and bees talk as we made chapo in the kitchen. Okay, maybe not birds and bees, in Africa they say it as it is. ‘If you have sex, you will be pregnant, and I do not want to be embarrassed’ she said.

It is my mother that has severally laid in hospital with me and the one that sat at the front row of any concert or any of my achievements to cheer me on.

They say the earth is a mother, you would understand why if you have leaved with a mother. There will be consequences for your wrong doings yet still be provided for no matter how difficult life may get

That aside, I have woken up to see everyone on social media wishing their female relatives a happy day. Some, like my mother are not on social media, and no one apart from she and I may ever know how much mother’s day means to us. Others are on social media alright, but they will never write this wishes because such days remind them of their long gone sons and daughters. They remember what would have been. It’s still a mother’s day for them and I feel if anything, they too should be celebrated for the courage to carry on after their losses.

I would like to wish all mothers a happy mother’s day. It is a perfect day to dedicate The Budding Tree to this women, a book that means a lot to me and which speaks about the struggles of becoming a mother

I hope you love it, you enjoy it and most importantly you learn from it.

Life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mother

  • Fridah

    Waooh, Nice article it’s.

  • Wambui

    I happy for my baby sister
    Good work

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