3 Lessons to make you a better writer


3 Lessons to make you a better writer

Dear Friend,

Long time no blog from me. I trust you have been as well as I have been. I am happy to report that this time around I did not abandon Jshare because I was unstable in any manner. In fact, no day has this blog skipped my mind. A wise man said that; just because you do not hear the clacking of the keyboard does not mean no one is writing.

I have been writing so much in the last few months that I have actually started noticing some repetitive mistakes that keep me away from being one of the best writers in this world.

I have also been interacting with some of the best writers in this nation and picking their minds on our similar interests.

I thank you for sticking around as the blog seemed dormant, I thank you for watching this space even as I evolve and grow by the day.

As I promised, I will continue being authentic and sharing with you issues that matter to you and I. I especially hope to share with you issues that I hold intimately in my heart and which I feel in my own little way will help us make a better place for ourselves.

I look forward to telling you all that I have been up to all these days that you’ve not heard from me.

In fact, let me start by telling you three lessons I have learned to make me a better writer

  1. It’s okay and necessary to be vulnerable

We all have that one talent or gift that we think we are good at, we
practice it but we never share it with others because we are afraid of judgment. For me, my secret talent is writing. I must confess that even though you have read some of my articles in this blog, there are many others which do not make it here. To be honest you have always been intimidating to me. I have been afraid of your opinion over my creativity. While I was writing in my secret chambers, while I was interacting with other writers and editors, I practiced being vulnerable.

By sharing my scripts, taking corrections and listening to criticism with an open mind, I am surprised at the lessons I have learned about writing. To structure my sentences better and to be more objective in my writing.  You will notice now that I am hardly beating around the bush.

  • Research and knowledge makes you a confident writer

If I am to write about anything, I have learned to write about something I am familiar with. I should do my research if I do not know the topic by heart. Just like public speaking, nothing makes you look smart and confident more than well-researched information. 

  • Writer’s block is not a “thing”

For a long time, I thought that truly there was a condition that causes my mind to stop creating a piece of written work. Sometimes I thought I was exhausted and other times I just didn’t have the energy. I have since learned that it is all the conditioning of the mind. I have learned to plan what I intend to say then word by word put it down on paper. I found one motivating sentence, that successful people are disciplined people. I will surprise you at how much I have been able to write under this new discovery.  

I hope these lessons make sense to you too. I am excited about the things I have learned so far. I hope that you will allow me to share them with you in my subsequent posts.

I have also been working on a secret project which I promised on Instagram that I will be sharing with you in the course of the week. Fret not, we still have a few days to go.

Until then, be vulnerable, know your staff and remember that writer’s block is not a thing. 


    Encouragingly nice

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