‘What are your dreams?’ An acquaintance asked me this question recently, a question that should have been easy to answer but which I speak of so much that finally it lost its meaning.

Have I really lost my focus in life? To a point that it took me three minutes to align myself to my destiny?

While I was growing up, I often told my family and friends that I was destined for greatness, I truly believed it, I was convinced. In that same breath I worked so hard that I could actually see greatness calling me.

But somehow on the way, when life challenges started nocking, I allowed nature to discourage me, I became more of a survivor than a dreamer.

So what is my dream? It’s sure not to own a big mansion that I will leave in by myself, or a vehicle that I will seat on the back left and watch as people clear the way for me. Neither it is to get my meal for the day and wait to struggle for tomorrow, I have a legit dream. A dream that is likely to fulfill my heart’s desire, a dream that will lead me to my destiny.

If by following my heart I will end up with a big mansion, so be it. If by being passionate about my dreams I will dine with the queens and kings, then let it be so.

But for now, I struggle to focus, to focus on my dream despite the many hills and valleys that may come with life. I am focusing my eyes on the end goal which is my greatest desire for myself and those that will come after me.

I am back in the race, to realize my dream.

But what is my dream? My dream is to use my God given talent for greater good. The older we get, the easier it becomes to forget our talents and our hobbies. We wake up every morning serving people hardheartedly because we are just but surviving, yet we can serve within our gifts and enjoy our service to humanity.

So my goal is to serve you with the best of my ability within my God given gift. Because within me, I can be my best, I can serve you happily and I can feel accomplished.

Wait, what is your dream?

  • Mariam

    Food for thought

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