Is It Really a Love February?


Is It Really a Love February?

All of a sudden everyone is excites about February. The ladies are because its the month of love, and they expect many treats from their significant others. The Gentle men are just glad that January is over, it might as well roll over from January to March they wouldn’t care. Either way January is over, and the month of love is finally here. But before we get all swamped in, I thought I should share with you what you need to know about love. Realistically love is not a one day affair, no one can save up their love the entire year so that they can unleash it on the 14th of February. In my own opinion, this day should just be another reminder of a daily activity. So for those looking for one day treats, one day intimacy and one day affection, I got tips to show you if its just a one day affair or if you will be in for a long haul. Be keen on the conversations you have with your significant other, whether you have known him for a day or a lifetime, an interested partner is more interested in you than they are about themselves. If your partner is talking on and on about himself, you may want to take a step back. That’s a self absorbed person, there will never be room for you in the relationship. In fact the relationship between you two could be all about meeting his needs. A person who is to the slightest infatuated by you will try to impress you. It could be by gifting you or taking keen note on things that are important to you and trying to perform them for you. It could be taking time to spend time with you or demanding his friends to behave around you. Whatever it is, he will go out of his way to impress you. If the person you are with makes no effort, something might be a miss. Love is not about money, but don’t confuse that for selfishness. People in love spend quality time with their significant others. If with his little resources he still manages to take you out to dinner or a picnic, if he makes you a gift, or cooks you a meal, no matter how bad it may taste, appreciate it, and know that its from a place of love. You know what they say, it’s the thoughts that counts. Does he come to your rescue? that’s the other sign you may want to look out for. Woman call their men for the pettiest of reasons. From changing a tire to a bulb in the house. How does he react when you call? Men naturally will run at the opportunity to prove that they can be stronger and helpful. You may want to think about it Never make excuses for how a person behaves around you or treats you. You must learn to expect respect, quality and most importantly love. I hope this makes sense to you, and I pray in this month of love, cupid will come your way and overwhelm your heart with an everyday affair, let alone the 14th of February. Photo credits;
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