Holiday Quick Fix


Holiday Quick Fix

The only visitors who show up unannounced are family. Siblings to be precise, because parents are always worried about protocols and traditions. My siblings love to visit on short notice, ‘we were in the neighbourhood and had to check on you.’ I too enjoy this visits, they are always full of laughter and reminiscences. I wasn’t really in the mood to swim in the kitchen hit when they visited this past weekend, so I had to be creative, which led me to this post, which explains why again in less than a week I have been late in putting up a post. Not that I will make a habit out of it.

I wanted to fix them something simple and fun, so that we could all eat together in an informal setting watching movies and bonding. Sandwiches were an option, but both my brothers are active sports men, and a sandwich would have been like dipping a single flake in milk.

I had just watched how to fix some vegetable salads online ahead of the festive season, but I admit that salads don’t work for guests here in Africa, not even for the host.

I settled for home made buggers, hum buggers and some sausages which I just dip fried. I also made some home made dip from a blend of tomatoes, onions, red bell paper and guacamole and freshly blended mangoe juice to go with.

I don’t think you will understand this better than this.

some slice and dice in the kitchen

This was the final results

we had to sum it up with some sweet bananas

My guests ate to their fill, and we had enough bonding time. I am learning more quick fix recipe for this holidays, we love to host, and I love to be ready. What will you be eating this festive season?

  • amon

    wow… i think i also need to visit your home on a short notice. i love food and more so quick fixed ones.

    1. Aswani Nabwende

      You are welcome for some quick fix Amon, its no time to care for calories.

  • Mariam

    Economy during holidays

      1. Aswani Nabwende

        True, its actually cheap to prepare the meal, expect for the Hum.

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