It’s Christmas Already – Holiday Etiquette


It’s Christmas Already – Holiday Etiquette

I get excited for Christmas holidays, I love the rest and the travels. I am more excited to meet people, old people and new people. Its people that reveal to you who you truly are, just by noticing how you behave around them, how you react to their behaviors and misbehavior. You find out your true character.

Speaking of behavior, let’s address it before we get deep into the festivities. Behave yourself when you visit others, be courteous when you go out with friends and be a wonderful host when you are visited.

When you visit others, it’s respectful to watch where you seat. Notice the host’s body language, know your place. Whether it’s your brother’s house or your colleague’s condo, do not lounge yourself in anyone’s space before you are invited to. Also remember to practice their cultures, you know what they say, when in Rome.

If you are offered coffee and you love tea, be contented with what you are offered. Understand that your host may not have your taste. You will have tea in your own house, do not go about stressing your host about your likes and dislikes. You must understand it is not your home, you mustn’t be comfortable enough to make the host uncomfortable. You may be close with your host, but do not overstep into their personal space, you will still need these relationships when the festivity is over.

When you go out with your friends, do not embarrass them by dressing skimpily. You must learn your environment in advance and dress appropriately. Do not take the opportunity to over indulge, everyone came together to have a good time and not to worry or baby seat each other. Contribute in paying the bills, unless someone offered to pay for everyone else. Be considerate of others, do not be the parasite, your friends will find ways to avoid you. Remember January will come to us all.

If you are hosting your friends, be considerate in your preparations. If children will tag along, make your environment child friendly for them. Take care of the diabetic and the allergic among your friends. Stock your bathroom with enough toilet rolls and ensure that your guests are generally comfortable. Prepare the guest room for that one guest who will always misbehave and need some timeout without interfering with the comfort of the others.

Generally do not gallop on food, no matter how sweet it is. Let everyone have their share, the source may dry out and others may miss food just because of your over eating. If you are that hungry eat your ugali earlier before you meet up with others or carry a snack in your bag. But whatever you do, have some decorum.

Enjoy each other’s company. It’s not an exhibition season so restrain from showing off, take in some quality.

Let’s all be courteous, considerate and respectful this season. Let’s do to others what we would want them to do to us. Having said that, let the holidays begin.

  • Mariam

    I don’t do Christmas but happy holidays to those who do.

    1. Aswani Nabwende

      Thank you Mariam

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