Episode 5 – The lesson on contentment

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Episode 5 – The lesson on contentment

Mama Odhiambo not only taught me consistency, she also taught me contentment. She helped me learn to appreciate myself for where I am, to be proud of my achievements and to keep off unhealthy competition. With the evolving technology and the birth of social media, the world has become a place to show off and keep up with trends. People are slowly forgetting themselves in an effort to keep up with fashion, destination visits and the fine things in life. We have gone to the extent of getting into depts, just so that we can afford that which others are portraying to have. It’s no wonder the rate of depression and crime has increased over the years. The world is a beautiful place, a place with enough resources to all its beings. We do not realize how much the world has to offer because we are busy fighting for things that might be meant for us but at a different time or not meant for us at all. Mama Odhiambo challenged me to survive within my means. She proved to me that it is possible to live a fulfilled happy life within my own budget. We see more pictures of people in exotic destinations than we see of them spending quality time with people that matter. We see as many expensive vehicles and shoes as we see street families and fetuses in the bins. This would all have been avoided if we remembered to live within our means. To appreciate and be proud of where we are even as we work to get to new levels. Mama Odhiambo in conclusion taught me to be encouraged and challenged by my friend’s success but to restrain from envy or jealousness. She reminded me the importance of keeping healthy relationships, relationships of people who can celebrate where I am and that encourage me to get to where I am headed. Relationships that will in no way force their ways or achievements on me. Needless to say, I left mama Odhiambo’s kibanda contented in myself.
  • Mariam

    Contentment is not in human nature unless you have reached your spiritual pick

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