Episode 2 – Life is for Living

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Episode 2 – Life is for Living

What if you died before you had a chance to live? And what if you live to achieve your desires, but do not have the time to enjoy the life? I am having a battle in my mind, whether to live now or to prepare for living tomorrow. My mother always taught me to save for tomorrow. ‘If you want a better tomorrow, you have to sacrifice today’ she said. To me this meant skip out on the road trips, live in a little rental space and wear cheaper clothes. It meant I save up so that later I may have a bigger house I don’t have to pay for, a vehicle strong enough for my road trips and as many fashionable clothes as I wanted. It meant working to leave behind something for my lineage, to leave a legacy. But what if I don’t see tomorrow? Our expiry date is unknown, there is no telling if tomorrow will come. How then do I sacrifice my today for tomorrow? My take; Life is for living. While we all want a better tomorrow, we must not forget to live fully for today. You know you have a balanced life when you can invest for tomorrow while not compromising on the quality of life today. It’s important that we understand best to teach each other how to live a wholesome life rather than a life full of self set targets and deadlines. We have to know more of love, laughter and of friendships, of giving and of genuine appreciation. We have to invest in people, family and friends more than we do in property and material things. When I am long gone, I want to leave behind a people who know how to live, people who know how to take in the good air and appreciate life. Because when tomorrow doesn’t come, we can only live for today.        

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