Some Sister Romance

Some Sister Romance

She was four weeks post partum during my wedding. Her body somehow respected that day and fit well in an elegant blue gown, her legs in five inch shiny silver tiptoes.  Even though we are of different cultural backgrounds, she danced crazily and vigorously to our music and she helped me hold up my gown as I walked up a flight of stairs. You could tell with no doubt that the day was one of her best just as it was mine.

My best friend and I share more than my wedding memories. I do not remember when we first met but we have had a sister romance since. We went to Sunday school together, then to primary school. We served in the same girl’s brigade and then we realized we had more in common than we thought.

Unlike other relationships, ours didn’t just grow or just happen. We took our time to know each other and understand well at a very young age that we shared the same values. We had been rooted in a similar manner and as such we were more likely to be genuine in our support and criticism towards each other through life.

I remember us hugging and giggling in the school corridors at about thirteen years. We had a new found relationship; we were best friends, this after proposing to each other and accepting the role of best friends.

They say Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, I love to speak of my best friend, because I feel even as an adult, she still represents who I am.

We may have our character difference, but I know I can count on my friend to give me genuine feedback on my behavior and wholeness.

We were lucky that we understood ourselves at a young age; our backgrounds have helped us understand who we are and have made us each other’s support system.

I am happy to have someone I can truly vent on and not be afraid of judgment. By this virtue, I am also happy when she criticizes me or corrects me harshly. Over the years, I know it’s from a place of love.

Our friendship was established before career and successes. We did not know how long we will know each other, or what the future held. We understood well we are grounded people when life took us to separate journeys, yet we still celebrate each other and remember the values that made us better people.

I seek advice from my best friend because I know she knows who I am even when I forget myself. She is one of the few people I rely on to keep me sober and in focus in making decisions that affect me directly.

She stands out to me as a woman of high morals, a person who chases after her own dreams and a strong decision maker. To me, my best friend is the big sister I never had, one of my small sisters and my chosen family.

My choice of a best friend in my childhood has inspired me to make meaningful friendships, friendships that are beyond talking about the girl next door, friendships that are selfless and purposeful based on similar values and beliefs.

My best friend and I are a good example of girls supporting girls. Because we can all be better women in the journey of life.

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