Episode 1 – The Things That Matter

Things that matter

Episode 1 – The Things That Matter

I couldn’t help but notice how fast my niece adapted to the world when she was born. In fact just few hours after her birth, instructions were already being given on how she should be handled so that she grows to become an independent being. Her mother was instructed not to keep holding her in her arms because the baby would become so dependent on her that it won’t be able to survive on its own. My sister from the get go had to learn to let go of her daughter, put her down after feeding or cleaning so that the infant could learn to be on its own. It is the way we are all welcome to the world. It’s the way we have been raised to be. We live in a fast paced world, a world where everyone wants to become somebody, somebody important, respected and honored. Somebody who can afford to command their environment in their favor. The thugs who give us sleepless nights are in their own struggle to become somebody, the beggars in the streets as well as the richest man in the land. We are all chasing for standards we have only but set for ourselves. Because all we know is chasing dreams, and believe that we are on our own, we tend to forget what makes us human. Money has become more valuable than time spent with family or friends. We sacrifice our love for people for our love for wealth and our peace of mind for chaos as we struggle to own property. We have sacrificed our morals and the dignity of others in exchange for the status quo or just a mention among the rich and mighty. We have in fact forgotten the things that matter, the things that make us human. This series is a dedication to the human race, a reminder to all of us to slow down and take in the things that matter. Things that are greater than wealth, positions, status quo, clicks and anything else that we have placed before our unique being. They are the timeless things, things that cannot be valued and things that cannot be grabbed for selfish gains. The things that matter are like when a friend sacrifices and embarks on miles of safari to meet you in a strange land when they had the option of just sending you money. It is when a stranger donates their blood to you even when they have never met you. It is in the little things whose values cannot be placed. This is the journey of discovering ourselves a fresh and creating space for the things that really matter.    
  • Mariam

    Well said. We need to go back to our innerself.

    1. admin

      Thank you Mariam, we really do forget to be kind to ourselves and to people around us

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