Episode 6 – The constant Change

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Episode 6 – The constant Change

It is said, and it is also written in ecclesiastic 3:1-8 that there is time for everything in this world, and for this same reason, I would like to shed some light to some sad reality. There will always be time for everything in your own world, and time will come when you may have to let go of your unhelpful environment and of circumstances that may pull you behind.

When this time comes, it will be important that you learn to move on. There will be time that you will swim in money, you will be able to influence your environment and the people around you, then there will be a time that the money will be no more and you may have to lower your living standards.  As mother taught us, it is always important to create a life balance and to be able to adjust to every situation, so that you may save yourself the trouble and embarrassment of adjusting to life’s surprises.

Dear sister, we all make plans on how we would like to live, who we would like to be associated with, where we would like to stay, the schools we would like to attend and the kind of men we would like to date.

Peers, siblings and parents may also give us pressure to maintain status quo, and we may fail to make everyone happy. I mean if you are a lady of character then you will annoy a few close people, and this may sometimes lead you to look down on yourself.

It would be cruel of me dear sister if I did not out rightly tell you that at times, we do not get what we desire. It does not mean we have done something wrong, or we have offended anyone, it just means it is not the right time, and for that reason not all dreams may come to pass, maybe you will never get the explanation as to why.

There are many slums all over the world, prostitutes in the streets, beggars, and many other situations that you may never dream of for yourself, yet if you think of it, all this people who are in these circumstances have dreams and ambitions as well.

When things do not turn out the way you expect, there are three healthy things you could do; first is to analyze your situation and see if there is anything you can do to turn your circumstance around. Second is to figure out what you can do differently and actually acting on your state, and third is to let go of your past situation and be content with your new situation, upon realization that there is absolutely nothing else you can do.

If you understand this, then you understand that it is actually possible to live a stress free life, by simply acting or letting go of the past. Either choice will influence the kind of person that you become.

In our society today, we have set our own standards so high that sometimes we forget to enjoy what has freely been given. Dear sister, neither money, nor a good car, nor a good partner, nor a good home can breathe into your nostrils for you to come to life, not even those expensive joints you go to with your girlfriends can do that for you. I mean, all these things are nice, in fact even I love them, but I know better than to let these things define who I am and who I become.

As you grow older, depression will stop being the word you heard about, you will see it more frequently in your environment. Depression has often landed many young people in mental institutions; some have even met their death through this state of mind.

I now write this chapter because I would like you to understand that life is likely to change, but it does necessarily mean that you also must change.

It is important that you have something that grounds you, and be smart enough to make it something that cannot be taken from you.

Learn to accept change; it is the only constant thing in the world. Learn to let go if you must, forgive, love and accept.

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