Episode 4 – Sponsor Business, Bad Business

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Episode 4 – Sponsor Business, Bad Business

Now, of all the things this digital era brings our way, this sugar daddy or sponsor affair has got to be the most disturbing. In this case when I say sponsor, I mean a person who provides all material and monetary benefits in exchange for sexual pleasure.

We now leave in a society where our morals have been eroded and traded for money and nothing matters more than financial independence. As if there is anyone who is ever satisfied with the kind of money they make.

Most young people pursue quick ways of making money in order to maintain high lifestyle. This has resulted to the increased vices and crimes such as stealing, drug trafficking, gambling and young girls dating men old enough to be their grandfathers currently referred to as sponsors.
If I may bring you to a realization, my dear sister, no woman has ever had or will ever have enough money, yet there are women who have chosen to be happy and rich in respectable manners.

My take is; you do not need a rich elderly man to sponsor you then abuse your body and pay you for it. A man who clearly does not fit in your long-life plans and who is likely to leave you behind having willed all his wealth and property to his wife and children. Yes, I said his wife, the woman who actually helped the old man create all that wealth.

Our generation is clearly being misguided from many quarters. What mother told me about wealth and what experience is slowly teaching me is that there is no tag as to who gets to be wealthy, and thus there is nothing that is actually stopping anyone from making their own wealth. As mother puts it, ‘money has no brain, you have’.

I am sure that there are younger men who belong to your circle of friends or whom you have interacted with, who could qualify to be your husband. Men who will give you respect, have realistic expectations of you and grow with you as you make your own empire other than try to benefit from another woman’s sweat.

There is something that I strongly believe we have been given as women. We can get what we want, whether good or bad. I guess young girls have discovered this and use this skill to lure old married men to their beds in exchange for money and lofty lifestyles.

While every man can work, every woman can convince a man to give her whatever she wants. Again, let me give you examples from the Holy book; In the beginning, it was Eve who pushed Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, it was Delila who deceived Samson into giving the great secret of his strength, it was Esther who convinced the king to spare the lives of her people the Jews, and finally Jacob worked for 14 years to get his bride Rachel.

These activities happened in a time long before our existence, imagine then the power we hold now to make us whatever we wish in the eyes of our own men.

In summary, the point that I am trying to bring across to you is that women are strong people. This automatically makes you a strong person.

Now that you know the strength that you possess, dear sister, how about being content with what you can afford for now?

Dear sister, you can dare to dream. I suggest that you become patient for your man to find you, after which you can practice your strength by loving this man towards his destiny which must be great if you have placed yourself in the right set of mind. A contented woman is a happy woman, a woman who believes in planning from the few resources that may be available in her hands and the hands of her man. Any man that loves you and makes you happy is a man in whom you hold ability to guide towards whatever life direction you wish to take.

Believe me when I say that growing to wealth together with your partner is more respectable and rewarding than easy wealth. For example, if there is a vehicle that you fancy so much and you are unable to afford at the moment, it is possible to marry a man without a vehicle and encourage him to save towards owning one. You could help him save up and even add up on his savings to acquire the vehicle. I guarantee you that this man will not only love you but respect you for your ability to change his destiny, which by then you should be part of.

A man that you love and respect is a man that will seat down to listen to your opinion and keenly pick what is important. This is a man who will pick encouragement from your voice and work hard towards giving you whatever you may desire. This is a lesson I best learned from mother, and which I strive to achieve in my own marriage. A lesson that can testify for itself.

Little sister, money from a sponsor is easy money, and we all know, that easy come, easy go. Pray to God, set your hope in Him, open your eyes to wise counsel and your destiny will fall into place.

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    I don’t know how loud girls want yo be told these!

  • Mariam

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    Mariam, we will tell it as loud as we can

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