Episode 3 – Life of Value

Girl on Transit

Episode 3 – Life of Value

Dear sister, as I earlier mentioned, night clubs were meant for music lovers and not beer lovers. There is a popular saying, “You only leave once” but no one remembers to quote that we have no spare for our one life. It is important that you remember, every time an unfriendly body substance is near you, that there is only one body, and once it is gone, everything is gone. One really cold day as I walked about in town, I met a girl almost my age dressed in a really tiny skirt and vest. While I understand that everyone curries their own weather, I wonder if that girl had any idea of what hypothermia could do to her body. It is not only alcohol and cold that have fascinated me about the way we live our lives today, but also matters drugs and contraceptives which are now mostly abused and misused by the younger generation. I am yet to understand the choice of injecting un-prescribed drugs into the body. I hear it is meant to be a pleasurable and relaxing experience, until of course I see youths landing on their graves here and there. Contraceptives are being used by girls as young as 11 years, an act that is not only socially wrong but morally unacceptable. All this are signs of disrespect to the most important person in the world, I, and if I could disrespect myself this way, how then do I expect others to look at me with a valuable eye? Am sure you have heard of the saying that ‘you only get what you deserve’, it is quite common this days, it has been common for a very long time, and that is exactly it. When you harm your body in any way, expect your body to react in a harmed manner, and when you treat your body with respect, expect your body to be healthy and in return giving you a longer lifespan. All actions have consequences. The word consequence in this case simply refers to an often bad or inconvenient result of a particular action or situation. Whatever one chooses to do, whether good or bad, one is likely to suffer the consequence in life, I will give you some very common examples of stories found in the Bible. Today we talk of the Virgin Mary, Saul the persecutor, Peter who denied Jesus three times, the prostitute that was pardoned by Jesus among many other people of whom we know very little about, apart from what is written of them. Yet we have stereotyped them out of the actions they took despite the fact that in the stories we have read they managed to turn their circumstances around. We all know that Mary was only a virgin until when she delivered the holy child Jesus, she got married to Joseph and proceeded to have other children. Yet we continue to call her the Virgin Mary. Saul whose Name later changed to Paul met God on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians; he turned his ways and actually proceeded to preach the gospel of Christ. Yet we still remember him as Saul the persecutor. Peter repented for denying Jesus is his time of need, despite having been pardoned, we still remember him for his actions. I could give you more and more examples of our present situations, and yet we are still called out for our actions. It is not only in being called out for our actions but also the feeling that comes with it. It goes to prove that every deed good or bad has its significance in our lives. So do not be fooled younger sister we shall rip in reward for everything we do to our bodies. There is a great difference between forgiveness and consequences. If I abuse my own body and it is only my business, I could forgive myself. If I steal and then seek forgiveness, I could be forgiven for my actions, but the consequences will still follow me wherever I go. You may have heard of the saying ‘choices do have consequences’. To avoid all the drama that comes with consequences it is safer to be keen on not only what we do with our life, but what we do with our bodies. There are some people I know who chose to skip popular cultures in favor of conservative lifestyle and who are now living a happier more fulfilled life as a result of making those choices. There are some things that may seem good, but are unimportant and others that may look unimportant for the young generation but are totally essential for a lifetime. It is true that we only leave once in this world, but we should also put in mind that we do not belong to ourselves, for we cannot explain how we came into existence.  
  • Mariam

    Beautifully said

  • Jshare

    Beautiful and true, thank you Mariam

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