At my breakfast table

At my breakfast table

I loved listening to stories growing up. I mostly enjoyed stories that had the Hare involved. Something about this animal intrigued me, he was always carning, always ahead and always happy. I wish I had the spirit of the Hare, to me he always seemed to enjoy life a little bit more than other animals.

As I seat on my kitchen stool waiting for my tea to brew, I wonder if I could ever reach the Hare’s level of freedom.

Will I ever be clever enough to get by without biting more than I can chew? My human nature is to seek, to seek and keep seeking. I seek for money, I seek for wealth and I keep seeking even when I have it. Will I learn to only take what I need and be content?

Will I ever be carning and fast enough to get something when I want it and not when the circumstances around me allow? just how do I learn to get ahead? to always be at the front of the line? To be aggressive enough or a bit insensitive so as to get away with? because I understand in today’s world, nothing really comes easy.

Will my negotiation skills ever be outstanding? will people ever murmur when I walk into a room because they anticipate that I will give them a run for their money? When will I get rid of my timid nature and embrace some oomph that my environment acknowledges?

The spirit of the Hare, too small yet cannot be underestimated.

Of all the lessons I have learnt from the Hare, gratitude has got to be the magic. If the Hare is that happy, he must be contented with his current situation. A Hare in captivity chews as first as the Hare in the jungle. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cage around him, that has never spoilt his meal time.

Gratitude must be an art. A special place where you understand that not everything is okay but choose to celebrate what is. It is choosing to see the half filled cup rather than the half empty. I wish to learn the spirit of gratitude, then maybe I can be as free as the Hare

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